We all wear costumes, whether in our business day or in our leisure day, we costume to suit the need. We costume for bed time. We costume for a night out on the town, we costume for weddings and funerals and formals. It goes without saying, if we are going buff for the day we costumed to the bare essential.

Not the ordinary meaning of costume I’m sure, as we all accustomed ourselves to festivity costumes for every holidays associated with mask wearing and make up.

Costumed for success, costumed for failure, costumed for costume sake. An epitome of mirror looking and joojing, we costume just about everything we do….

Is it a far cry to say we costume our lives to live a lie, do we costume to hide, do we costume to fly.

Costumed to cook, costumed to crook. Costumed to drive and costumed to dive, a costume for everything we strive.

Hows that for a take on the word costume…….


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